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5 Days
9 Speakers
15 Workshops

Node.js is an open source, cross-platform lightweight and efficient platform for building network apps.

This course is for anyone who have some JavaScript web development knowledge. This workshop is for developers with no knowledge at all regarding NodeJs. In this seminar we get familiar with Node.js, Event Emitter (+ Socket.io), Its package manager (NPM), Some of the basics concepts and few of the key modules, We also look at built-in API's for building and scaling web applications.

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The talk will be introduction to Ruby on Rails.

it's strengths and weakness and why it has become a popular framework for server side development. We will cover all the basics and implement what we learned by creating our own BASS (Backend as a service)

AngularJS is a widely used framework in front-end development. It is constantly being improved and enriched. Unfortunately, not all AngularJS informative resources are kept up to date, and there’s a chance for misusing it..

This one day workshop will boost your AngularJS skills! Through examples inspired by real-life projects, utilizing ES6, and applying best practices, you will learn how to: write AngularJS components, leverage UI-Router’s features, bind data to SVG graphics, use D3 capabilities, improve your app’s performance, deliver a professional AngularJS application

ReactJS is the newest web development framework created (and extensively used) by Facebook.

It has gained wide adoption across the world by offering new paradigms of web development. Come and learn about what is making ReactJS the next big thing in web development.

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This pre-conference session provides an introduction to the world of Big Data. It begins with an overview of the challenges and concepts around Big Data,

as well as the various data platform types, which evolved in order to address these challenges, such as key-value and columnar databases. The session also includes a detailed review of the current major vendors and products in the market, whether it’s in the cloud or on-premises, including a discussion about the pros and cons of each one and a comparison between the different platforms. We will also cover some Big Data use cases and scenarios, choose the best data platform for the job and design the Big Data architecture for each case.

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Learn the basics of Arduino and electronics, and build a simple circuit that stages and programmers around the Arduino,

until finally out of the game "Simon said" which of course will be able to take them home. As a bonus you can also add Internet connection and make it to the Internet of Things. The workshop is suitable for people with a background in programming, does not require any background in electronics or Arduino - all while learning. In terms of materials, I can provide all the necessary hardware, so participants should arrive only with a laptop. The cost of the kits is around $ 20 per person if you book well in advance (about 6 weeks until it reaches China), roughly 2 If you need to order the ingredients from the land.

In this course the user will get to know git

how to use it on a daily basis with focus on what are branches and what is the recommended way to use them (gitflow) and providing tools and tips for a better coding & productivity. Each theoretical session will be followed by hands on session. This course is for anyone who have been using any kind of VCS (Version control system) before.

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Google, Apple and Facebook are looking for the one app that will do everything. Will it be the chat app?

Now, with the recent releases of Facebook Messenger API and Microsoft Bot Platform, we can program bots that will enable every service to flow through chat. We will discuss the way to develop "conversational UI", see how to interpret natural language utterances, how to interface with several bots with the same code base, and review some propriatery development platforms. Chat is the one thing that everyone is doing on mobile devices.Is this new platform going to be the end of the app era?

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learn about a new technology that allows Web applications to communicate with smart devices such as lights, robots, sensors and other pulse.

During the workshop, the lamp control interface built using Web Smart Bluetooth and / or Node.js. Here, too, can be given to the participants to take home as a souvenir of the bulbs lighting workshop

Do you want to get a sense of how is it to develop an application with Angular 2 from scratch? This workshop is for you!

During this session, I will build an application with Angular 2 from the ground up while answering your questions and share my real word experience. I will walk through those topics: Breaking a static design to component tree, Data bindings through properties and events, Usages of dependency injection, Communication with server.

Docker is an open-source engine which automates the deployment of applications as highly portable, self-sufficient containers which are independent of hardware, language, framework, packaging system and hosting provider

Docker is a minimal Linux sandbox environment Docker containers are designed to run isolated services or applications with the ability to share OS, resources, data and more. At the end of this workshop user will know what is Docker, how to install, create, publish and deploy both Docker images & containers. This course is for anyone who wants to know a bit more about Docker. This course if for devops/IT developer without any prior Docker knowledge.

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Web development is like an ever-flowing river. But, as Plato said, you could not step twice into the same river.

In this day we will review and develop in the most recent framweworks and languages available for web development today. Starting with deep Javascript review, we will see how this has transform into ES6 and Typescript. We will the use these new languages to build small apps in Angular2 and ReactJS - and hey, maybe we could even form an opinion on which one we like better?

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Jenkins 2 provides a new pipeline jobs out of the box.

In this seminar you'll learn how to get started with Jenkins 2, how to create builds pipelines with the new Jenkins2, what are some of best practices when it comes to Jenkins and some cool tips and tricks which will make your daily work much easier.

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NoSQL databases are on the rise.

Today, many data-oriented applications use a NoSQL database and not a relational database like MySQL. MongoDB is the leading NoSQL database today. It provides a rich set of features and supports many programming languages. Many organizations move from a relational database to MongoDB, and many developers are required to learn and understand how to work with MongoDB. In this session, we will talk about: The reasons for the rising popularity of NoSQL databases, What a Document Database is and the use cases for using it, How to setup and configure a MongoDB cluster, How to load and retrieve data from MongoDB, Performance tuning with MongoDB, Do's and Don'ts with MongoDB, How to run MongoDB in the cloud. MongoDB is here. It's time to know how, when and why to work with it.

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T-SQL is a rich language that allows solving a wide range of problems. But from a certain scale, inefficient writing starts to hinder the system performance and stability.

In this full day seminar, we will look at real world problems and find various solutions for them using T-SQL. We won’t settle for just a solution, but also analyze the performance of each of them and find the best one. Among others, we will see the power of the APPLY operator, window functions, math and your brain for solving those problems. In addition, we will talk about common mistakes and problematic query patterns that hurt the optimizer's ability to generate a good execution plan, resulting in bad query performance. Among other examples, we will see how changing a table structure can allow the optimizer to generate a much better plan, how breaking down big queries can reduce execution time significantly, how using the wrong programmatic objects hurt you, and why reuse and encapsulation are a good programmatic habit, but can be bad in terms of performance. This demo-heavy seminar will provide practical solutions for real world problems and will enhance the way you think about T-SQL.

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Do you want to get a sense of how is it to develop an application with Angular 2 from scratch? This workshop is for you!

During this session, I will build an application with Angular 2 from the ground up while answering your questions and share my real word experience. I will walk through those topics: Breaking a static design to component tree, Data bindings through properties and events, Usages of dependency injection, Communication with server.

Designers are friends. Designers are not the enemy.

If designers can learn how to code to communicate with dev’s - the dev’s can learn how to design themselves. People think it’s only about raw talent, creativity and an eye for details, but it’s not. In interactive design sphere It’s more about design logic, aesthetics rational, empathy for the users’ experience and solid, clear, systematic communication. In this talk we will cover important aspects of this gap between design and development and clear the fog of mystery which surrounds design decisions. We will talk about user experience, graphic design, animation, style-guides, assets and much more. The goal is to empower and enrich the developers to communicate better with their designers and even design their products by themselves, if needed! Let’s work better together!

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Lior Messinger

Co-founder and CTO at Servo.ai

Nir Kaufman

Head of AngularJS Development at 500tech

Boris Dinkevich‏

CEO & Co-Founder - 500Tech

Nir Geier

Git expert, consultant, advisor a at Git expert at ManageWare

Uri Shaked

Senior Software Engineer

Guy Glantser

CEO and founder of Madeira Data Solutions

Matan Yungman‏

CTO. Madeira Data Solutions.

Shmuela Jacobs‏

Developer & Consultant at 500Tech

Erez Reznikov

graphic designer

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